The E
rasmus Mundus Action 2 Strand 2 NANOPHI project will enhance partnerships and facilitate exchanges of 
Ph.D. students, postdoctoral fellows and staff members between leading European and Asian Pacific research groups in the cutting-edge field of nanophotonics.

The NANOPHI project will transfer skills and technology between the European Union and Australia-New Zealand with the goal of sharing existing knowledge and creating new knowledge mainly (but not only) in the following thematic areas:

Ф Photon management in thin-film solar cells for efficient energy harvesting
Smart sensors and biosensors; 
Ф Subwavelength resolution imaging;
Ф Silicon photonics;
Ф Graphene optoelectronics;
Ф Computer-aided design for nanophotonic devices.

The NANOPHI project is coordinated by Professor Costantino De Angelis (University of Brescia - Italy). You can contact us by using e-mail and by following us on the social media which are dedicated to the project.