In a nutshell, NANOPHI project’s goals are

Ф To address potential applications of nanophotonics across a range of subjects, with a focus on telecommunications, energy efficiency and health care.

Ф To train the next generation of academic staff and professionals to emerging practices and methodologies in a very competitive and technologically important area of research.

Ф To organize a set of workshops and meetings for Ph.D. students and researchers to exchange experiences and knowledge, as well as specific training programmes and summer schools for academic staff to improve their teaching.

Ф To raise awareness of the relevance and technological challenges in the specific nanophotonics research areas targeted in the project for the participants in order to advance research and development of nanophotonics in their own countries beyond the time constraints of the project.

Ф To support the development of talented students as leaders and managers for improving future academic leadership.

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